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New 10 English Movie

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A man is chased by justice for comitting a violent crime, he escape desperately  with his ten year old son. Both have to face the elements and the just one-way trip that  running away from justice imply.

View: 848
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

The story of Michael (Steven Robertson), a 24-year-old with cerebral palsy and long-term resident of the Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled. His life is transformed when the maverick Rory O'Shea (James McAvoy) moves in. Michael is stunned to discover that fast talking Rory, who can move....

View: 912
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

What happens when the people we count on to hold us together…are barely holding it together themselves? Jonas Pate's Shrink is a striking, fast-paced exposé of the “other” Hollywood, featuring folks living outside their comfort zone and the people who put them there. Henry Carter (Kevin Spacey) is a psychiatrist with an A-list clientele, including a once-famous actress (Saffron Burrows), an insecure young writer (Mark Webber), and a comically obsessi.....

View: 843
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

In the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election, Chelsea an ultra high-end Manhattan call girl who offers more than sex to her clients, but companionship and conversation – "the girlfriend experience.” Chelsea thinks she.....

View: 875
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

The contemplative, understated tearjerker Grace Is Gone dramatizes the quiet crisis that befalls Stanley (John Cusack), a young Midwestern husband of a female marine stationed in Iraq, and a father of two girls. Suddenly and unexpectedly widowed when his wife, Grace, is killed on the battlefield, Stanley cannot bring himself to share the devastating news...

View: 895
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

The first Gitai film in a long time not to deal with Israeli politics, Later (Plus Tard Tu Comprenderas) is also one of his most emotional outings to date. This Franco-German co-production based on Jerome Clements autobiographical book (Clement is also president of ARTE) could be the directors first crossover effort since Kadosh with a strong chance at moving beyond the art house and into commercial release.

View: 894
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
Comments: 0

Actor James Franco wrote and directed this independent drama about two siblings who are by turns raised up and brought down by the bonds of family. Max (James Franco) boasts a genius level IQ, and his brother Adam (Matt Bell) is nearly as bright, but while Adam has the common sense and ambition to make something of his gifts, Max's greatest talent seems to be getting into scrapes and disappointing those around him. Adam has a successful practice as a doctor in New York City, but when Max foolishly tries to swindle

View: 781
Category: Drama
Author: AhiskaTube
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